Sell options

Option 1: Cash Offer (CO)


  • I want a cash offer to buy my home in as in condition.  I understand I will be avoiding sales commission, closing costs, and the cost of any repairs and rennovations that need to be made. I am selling the home as is where it. I understand that the offer will be a fair price taking all those factors into account. If you want top dollar on your home you may want to consider the Premium Offer program:  


Option 2: Premium Offer (PO)

  • This option is for someone who wants a top dollar premium offer AND is willing to sell on terms. If you have a mortgage we Lease/Purchase your house and make the payments directly to the bank. If you do not have a mortgage we'll make payments directly to you.  Well sign a 36-48 month Lease/Purchase with a balloon payment due at the end. We'll pay all expenses for the term so you can move on to your next home.